Karen Hamman

Our daughter, now in Grade 10, struggled with mathematics and as parents we assumed it was her fault, not spending enough time on the subject or that perhaps she was not focused enough.  We met Vasili, in Cape Town and decided to give his tutoring a chance, with surprising results. If your child struggles with mathematics, ask yourself whether the teacher has the ability to connect with your child and speak to him/her on his/her level.

Ask yourself whether the teacher instills an appreciation for mathematics. Vasili is patient and makes mathematics hip, fashionable and fun. Vasili has the ability to make my child look forward to her next mathematics lesson. Nothing seems to be too much for Vasili as he readily makes himself available for Skype lessons and during our stay in Cape Town, he traveled for personal consultations. Vasili is very well prepared for each session. Thank you Vasili, I think the most important aspect of all, is the fact that you have given her the confidence to keep on trying and not give up on mathematics.