Christina Tijerina

I feel I can wholeheartedly recommend Vasilis Vikos as a math tutor. I originally came to Vasilis to refresh my Arithmetic and Elementary Algebra, for a math placement test, to sign up for college classes. He not only helped me understand the concepts but helped me get a grasp on the back story and history behind these principles, which I feel the current education is lacking in.

Vasilis has enthusiasm and tactful methods which helped build my confidence and understand each formula. After taking sessions of this review, I retook the math placement test, hoping to skate by and get one math class higher than I had originally been placed in. When I retook the test, I not only understood all of the material, I passed the test and was placed in a class two levels higher than the first time I took it. The help I received from Vasilis put me ahead two semesters in math and saved me well over $1,500 USD in expenses. I came to him at last minute and was extremely fortunate that he was willing to work with me, despite our very conflicting schedules. Our sessions were limited to skype, and although it was a virtual interaction, he was able to establish the connection needed for a comfortable and effective experience in tutoring. I am confident the depth of knowledge Vasilis has will be an exceptional asset for any student seeking to improve their skills in math.