Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions, if you don't see your question here - ask it at the bottom of the page!

Live Lessons

In order to access your bi-weekly lessons you need the following: a computer / laptop with an internet connection (preferably 5Mbps for good consistent streaming with good quality video). A YouTube account for interaction during live lessons is also advantageous. Pens, pencils, examination pad, graphing paper (optional), a calculator (scientific) are all recommended.
They're happening daily, but consult the calendar to check which course is having their lessons and when. If you're having trouble, feel free to contact us on or facebook!

About Lessons

Lessons are housed inside "courses". These courses are the named after syllabuses (CAPS Grade 10 etc). They run the entire year round, so lessons are bi-weekly, year round with a 4hr study session on Saturdays to answer any questions that keep creeping up in the forum. All lessons are LIVE meaning you're chatting directly with me via the text panel, questions are answered every 20 minutes or so as I can't stop constantly to answer every question. I group questions in the chat and try to answer the ones causing the most grief. Anything we don't cover goes to the forums which I answer around the clock whenever I can get to them.
No, unfortunately your child passing their academic year is dependent on more than just my input. While there is hope for a 30% student, it takes work! Check out my Road Map to success to understand what is required of you, your child and my tutors and self!

Recorded Lessons

If you've missed a lesson for your course but you're a member, don't fret. The lesson will be recorded and available just like it normally would be except without the live component. Recorded lessons are great too so if you've missed a lesson definitely watch the video and join in on the next live class as soon as you can!
They're all for sale and since they're not interactive they're cheaper! Check out the shop page to buy recorded lessons!

Payments & Refunds

Payments are processed via 3rd party software off of Vikos Education (Paypal - who process millions of payments all over the world every day). Your credentials are not stored or used on our website. Once you've selected a course you'd like to buy, proceed to the check out and choose your preferred method of payment (debit card or paypal to paypal). It's as easy as that.
Under your account section, you'll find a "manage account page", there is a cancellation section there to cancel immediately. Note that if payment has already been made for the month it will not be reimbursed.

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