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Thousands of hours of study, montaged into a single 90 minute lessons daily.

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“The wonder of this world, this galaxy and this universe lie within the language of mathematics. It is the background code that runs all programs that come together, which we call reality. Understanding how that code was written brings beauty to its elegance and simplicity. My goal is to help you learn this language and communicate fluently in it.”

Vasili Vikos, Founder

How it started

I'm a man of experience, meaning I've tried absolutely anything I've wondered about. With that philosophy, I've ended up in some crazy places and situations. I was a deployed security contractor and at the age of 24, I realized I wanted to spend more time with my family. I found out that mathematics was in demand in South Africa and downloaded some math books (free via the Shuttleworth Foundation) and started studying. I found it an escape from the job and when I got home, I had enough experience to take on students. I grew my tutoring hours to 7 hours a day straight, it was a great experience but I learned that I couldn't give my all for more than 4 of those hours. This is why I decided to do 2 online sessions of 90 minutes each per day.

Today I look forward to inspiring the next generation of great mathematicians. I try to share the latest news in math, physics and astronomy. I try to provide complex problems to push my students and I try to connect with them on an empathetic level to help them excel.

What We Do

We provide the best tuition possible given the constraints of technology (lag, power outages etc) knowing full well that online teaching / learning is the future. We provide a conduit for our students to excel, by means of databases of questions, past exam papers and links to math sources.

We've managed to achieve some remarkable results ranging from students in their 30% average moving up to 86% average, students who had left school and failed their math exams twice passing with ease and inspiring young students to choose mathematical sciences as a career choice.

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The one man army.